TOP 10 best home theaters

Video and audio equipment began to enter the everyday life of most people for a long time, and today such devices have firmly established themselves in it. If just twenty years ago, a battery-powered tape recorder and VCR were something of science fiction, today one can hardly surprise anyone with a home theater. It allows you to fully enjoy the most clear picture and surround sound.

On the shelves of household appliances stores today there are a large number of similar products, which can differ greatly from each other in terms of the functional component and many other parameters. To make it easier for you to choose this product, we decided to rank the best home theaters in 2022. Before proceeding to a direct review of specific models and their performance, let’s figure out what the home theater itself is and what points should be taken into account when choosing this product.

What is the most important thing when buying a home theater in 2022?
In principle, a home theater is a whole set of functional equipment that will display an image on a TV, monitor or on a wall through a projector, as well as a speaker system, amplifiers, and so on. With the help of this equipment, it is possible to achieve not only the most clear picture and high sound quality, but also to get the effect of presence even in a small room. Due to the home theater, you can organize a full-fledged entertainment area that is suitable for all family members – watching movies, video games, listening to concert recordings with or without video broadcasting.

When choosing such a unit, be sure to check whether everything you need is included in the kit. The key element of the set is a player that can work with discs of various formats, including the most modern – Blu-Beam. As most users note, one of the most important points in terms of the player is the presence of a USB connector, since the format of many films needs a large amount of physical memory, which no disk can provide. Thanks to the latest generation player, it will be possible to listen to music in the highest quality that the .flac format provides, view videos regardless of their extension, and also view photos.

The best option when choosing a player would be the ability to transmit multi-channel sound to the receiver, which can greatly enhance the sound quality by dividing it into several channels. Most devices have standard settings, so you don’t have to spend extra time trying to figure out the functionality of the equipment.
Many people think that the centerpiece of a home theater is the receiver, capable of delivering cinema-like sound quality or even better. This device allows you to achieve the correct operation of all elements of the set and ensure their correct interaction with each other. It is desirable that the amplifier supports Dolby Advanced 5.1 and Dolby Encompass Ex formats. The greatest demand today is for products that have two front, two rear channels, one center and a subwoofer, which allows you to clearly highlight low frequencies. The frequency value itself is also very important, since this factor is responsible for how fully the digital signal will be converted into an electrical one. The higher this indicator, the cleaner the sound will be – usually it is in the range of 192-256 kHz.

An acoustic system is connected directly to the amplifier, which will reproduce all sound channels, and the separation occurs as follows: the center channel is responsible for playing the sound track, the front one provides selection of musical and other effects, the rear one allows you to achieve the most surround sound, low frequencies are reproduced by the subwoofer. When choosing a product, you should definitely check the ratio of the power of the acoustics and the receiver, the latter should be a little weaker, otherwise, the speakers will quickly fail.

You should immediately think about where the columns will be located. If you plan to put them in close proximity to the TV, then they must be provided with magnetic protection, otherwise this will lead to a significant distortion of the picture. For complete immersion, you should purchase a TV with a diagonal of at least 32 inches, but it is best to buy products with a larger diagonal. The unit itself must be plasma or liquid crystal.

When choosing models for our review of the best home theaters of the year, we followed all the above rules, and also paid attention to value for money. In addition, we took into account user reviews, so we tried to include in the rating only acceptable devices that will be within the means of most of our readers. Now is the time to start analyzing product performance.

This product is equipped with the most technologically advanced receiver, which is equipped with an optical drive that supports the Blu-Beam format. With it, you can play not only traditional video, but also films and clips with support.

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