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They may also different in the shape of the cutting element. Disc shredders are relatively inexpensive, but only fresh plant waste is crushed with high quality. Best of all, they cope with tops, weeds, leaves and needles, corn stalks and sunflowers.
According to the power of the power unit, all such equipment is usually divided into three classes: amateur, middle class, industrial.

Amateur models are characterized by small weight and size indicators, relatively low power, good maneuverability. As a rule, amateur models use electric motors and a disc cutting system.

Middle class chippers are equipped with engines up to 2.5 kW. They can be equipped with a disk or milling chopping mechanism, a self-retracting mechanism, wheels for moving around the site.

Professional shredders are used in large park and garden farms. As a power drive, gasoline engines or electric motors connected to a three-phase network are used here.

The best milling electric shredders
Electric milling models are characterized by ease of operation, impressive weight, good power and performance. Their only drawback is the dependence on the location of the outlet.

Makita UD 2500 is a trustworthy and attractive model.

One of the most popular amateur models among domestic users. The main feature of this grinder can be considered the reliability of the design, which is confirmed by the well-thought-out ventilation system of the power part of the unit. You can move the device around the site with the help of large wheels.

The milling cutting system, together with a powerful commutator motor, provides good performance and speed of disposal of garden waste.

Top Best Garden Shears

As an additional bonus, the manufacturer provided for the presence of a reverse, a capacious waste container (67 l) and a viewing window.

A very productive mid-range model that easily copes with dry and wet wood up to 45 mm in diameter.

A powerful electric motor powered by a household power supply is used as a power drive. For the convenience of moving the unit around the site, the manufacturer has provided transportation wheels.

The features of this model are: convenient loading of garbage through the funnel and good stability due to the wide base. The shredder is equipped with a removable container for collecting shredded waste with a capacity of 40 liters.

A powerful middle class model from a well-known German manufacturer allows you to grind wood up to 42 mm thick. A powerful electric motor with protection against overloads and voltage surges is installed as a power drive in the chipper.

This model has good productivity, which is achieved thanks to the innovative design of the milling mechanism.

The shredder is able to process up to 230 kg of branches without overheating, and its waste collection tank holds up to 50 liters. The model is equipped with transport wheels that simplify the movement of equipment around the site.

The model from the middle price segment of the choppers of the eminent German manufacturer is highly reliable – mainly due to the build quality and the materials used in the construction.

The engine is equipped with a full set of automation. The strong and massive frame provides stability on any soil.

The body of the grinder is made of modern durable and lightweight plastic. At the same time, the unit itself is equipped with an enlarged receiving funnel and a 60-liter waste tank.

The design of the cutter is also carefully thought out here: it is a solid steel drum with blades.

One of the most lightweight, reliable, and productive immobilisers in its “wheep-like” category is AXT Rapid.

The key to the popularity of this model is the trouble-free operation and high quality of the unit, which is able to dispose of up to 80 kg / h of garden debris.

Here is a high-speed electric motor, the speed of which is controlled by electronics. For free movement around the territory, the manufacturer has provided small wheels and a long handle. Well, the complete pusher significantly speeds up the process of working with the unit.

Powerful and reliable shredder from a well-known Swedish brand boasts an innovative design of double angled knives.

This solution reduces the likelihood of sticks getting stuck in the cutting mechanism and ensures that very fine chips are obtained at the exit.

The latter can be used as mulch and for laying in a compost pit. The unit is easy to transport around the site due to the presence of a convenient handle and paired wheels, despite the weight of 15 kg.

The easy-to-use budget model has received a huge amount of positive feedback due to its powerful engine, which provides the device with solid performance.

For high-quality grinding of waste, knives rotating at a speed of 4500 rpm are responsible here.

With a mass of 13 kg, the unit is very convenient for A powerful model equipped with a 4-stroke gasoline engine, the design of which allows the owner to save fuel. A feature of this unit is a double waste loading system.

The top receiver allows you to load branches of large diameter. The lower bunker, if necessary, is laid on the ground, allowing you to load tops and small plant waste directly from the garden.

This powerful gasoline unit is suitable for grinding any plant waste. The design uses a powerful 4-stroke engine with a high speed knife system, as well as a dual loading system.

The safe operation of the chopper is guaranteed by the well-thought-out design of the body, made of metal and durable polymer.

A high-quality Czech-Chinese product received a powerful cutting blade system, which is a design of several cutting discs installed horizontally.

As a power plant, a 4-stroke gasoline engine with an extra-valve cylinder system is used, mounted on a solid steel frame.

To collect shredded waste, the manufacturer has provided for a capacious removable plastic container.

The multifunctional gasoline unit with two receivers is equipped with a powerful high-speed 4-stroke engine, which ensures the rotation speed of the chopper blade system at 3600 rpm.

The waste supply is separate here: the upper funnel is designed for grinding fresh tops and branches, the thickness of which does not exceed 10 mm. The bottom receiver is used to load wood up to 76 mm thick.

Convenient movement of the unit around the site is due to the presence of a special mount that allows you to use the device as a trailer to a car.

The design of this model was specially developed for the disposal of fresh grass, tops and branches, so it received two types of knives.

The wood is chopped with cutting discs located on the crankshaft, and the grass is ground with a V-shaped knife.

The entire working system is driven by a compact 4-stroke gasoline engine, and the structural elements are fixed on a steel frame.

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