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The Best iPhone Case Manufacturers

Many people are working on the design of the iPhone, but users want to protect it with a case. Such a wish is logical, because no one wants to accidentally damage a good case.

The cost of an apple smartphone is high, and replacement parts are expensive. To avoid additional costs, you should buy an iPhone protective case from Swipe.

Nowadays, there is a large selection of iPhone accessories, but choosing a quality product is not easy. Next, we offer you to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of cases.

TOP manufacturing companies

Many manufacturers create cases for different models of iPhones. Here’s a list of the best.


Of course, the original manufacturer comes first. Branded covers are of the best quality.

In addition to creating unique technology, Apple cares about its protection. That is why Cupertinians create various accessories, among which there are protective cases.

All models are attractive. In addition, they are distinguished by reliability and effective protection. A rich range of models allows you to choose a case for every taste.

Apple protective accessories are divided into two types:

pads (may be together with the battery)


They are made of leather and silicone, and durable materials are used for the body. Their purpose is to protect against scratches, moisture and mechanical damage.

A distinctive feature is the cutout for the company logo, located on the back panel. Interestingly, other brands do not have copyrights to use this technology.

The benefits of Apple cases include:
wide range of models

assortment for all models

exclusively high-quality and certified materials

A small drawback is the high price. But everyone knows that you have to pay for quality.


The German company presents cases with a solid design. If you want to emphasize your status – this is what you need. The body of the case is made of high quality plastic, which is sheathed with leather on top.

The manufacturer notes that all accessories are made by hand, without the use of machines. This is done by professionals, so the quality of MUJJO cases is always up to the mark. The user will see perfectly executed seams.

The range is presented with or without a card pocket. Cases are available in four shades. Matte leather is pleasant to the touch and does not slip from the hands.

incredible quality

solid appearance

use of premium quality materials


The disadvantage is that the assortment does not please with variety. The cost is about 45 euros, but the accessory will last a long time.


Another popular manufacturer Their goal is to create minimalism without elements of inappropriate luxury. The vast majority of cases are simply overlays of different colors without unnecessary details.

It will be easy for you to choose an accessory from this manufacturer, because they exist in different colors. Materials used in production:



plastic, etc.

A great choice if you like minimalism. Baseus has taken care of useful functionality, so among the current models you will find options with a built-in battery.

In addition to iPhone accessories, the company also creates protection for iPads and even MacBooks. For the latter, polycarbonate is used. Two pads protect parts of the laptop, and there are multifunctional cutouts on the bottom.

4).Element Case

The most popular company in the European market. Demand is driven by affordable prices for quality protective accessories. Element Case offers a wide range of products. Among this variety, you will find both regular pads and cases with shockproof function.

Products are made from natural and artificial materials. Cost in a wide range: from 35 to 350 dollars. You will be amazed by the design, especially the ability to customize the look of your case. This option is available on the official website of the company.

varied choice

cost per wallet

the ability to use the design constructor

use of quality materials

The model range of this manufacturer simply has no flaws.

5).Mega Tiny

The brand is engaged in the production of non-standard cases. With them, you can hold the smartphone in an upright position. Adaptation of covers at the highest level, so the use will be as comfortable as possible. These accessories will allow you to stick your iPhone to any surface (cabinet, board, glass, etc.) without any aids. The main thing is that this surface is even.

The material from which the cases are made is similar to foamed silicone. Soft pores securely adhere them to surfaces. The soft material provides excellent fall protection.

The material does not stick, so there will be no discomfort during use.

possibility of fixing on a vertical surface

the use of soft materials will protect the device in case of a fall

The disadvantage is that the cases will have to be cleaned frequently, because if the pores get dirty, the stickiness effect will be lost.


The company is engaged in the manufacture of universal cases for the iPhone. The American brand uses exclusively high-quality materials, so long-term operation is ensured without losing an attractive appearance. We advise you to buy in trusted places, because fakes are often found among these accessories.

We want to highlight Tough Armor. Dense plastic together with dense silicone guarantee ideal protection at blows. If you do not want the iPhone to increase in size during operation, we recommend that you pay attention to the Thin Fit line.

Spigen accessories are made for you if your smartphone falls frequently. For women, there is the Spigen Liquid Crystal line, which offers not only a protective function, but also an attractive design with a delicate ornament.

You will be amazed by the wide range and constant updating of the model range. Spigen offers cases for all tastes and wishes.

high level of protection

long-term operation

universal use

large selection of model

concise design

the possibility of stumbling upon a fake

Designed for people with a sense of style. The brand was born in Holland and certified by Apple Corporation.

The company creates protective accessories not only for the iPhone, but also for other Apple equipment (MacBook, iPad). You can buy Decoded on the official websites of the corporation from Cupertino around the world.

For iPhones, it is optimal to choose a case-book. In addition to protecting your smartphone, the case also performs an additional function: you can store cards in your pocket.

Decoded cases are more suitable for those who appreciate elegant style. With them, your gadget will look elegant and concise.


Perfect for those who care about the environment. It positions itself as an environmental company, therefore it uses biodegradable materials.

A variety of designs will allow you to quickly make a choice. Pay attention to translucent biopolymer accessories that will allow you to contemplate the original design of the iPhone.


Urban Armor Gear is an aggressive design for protection in extreme situations. For the manufacture of using dense plastic. The interior is lined with soft padding for shock absorption. Almost all cases in the kit have a protective glass on the phone screen.

By production apply the military standard. That is why your smartphone will not be afraid of falling from a height of one and a half meters.

When choosing such a case, you should remember that it is very massive compared to ordinary cases. The form factor and available shades are ideal for men. It is important for women to use these accessories while hiking, cycling, etc.

Urban Armor Gear is a cool choice for glass-backed smartphones. The company also offers to buy covers for Apple branded laptops and tablets. It’s a pity that accessories only exist for older Apple models.

Cases fully protect the iPhone. The frame is made of aluminum, and the soft material inside reduces the force of bruising. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass, which does not distort the operation of the sensor.

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