15 best car gadgets that will make any trip more comfortable and safer

15 best car gadgets that will make any trip more comfortable and safer

The tamper-resistant faraday bag will save your car keys from advanced thieves and prevent you from reading the signal and stealing your car.

This useful gadget blocks gps/glonass/gsm/3g/4g/5g/wi-fi/bt/nfc signals. That is, if you put a smartphone in it, then no one will be able to get through to it, and if you have a bank card, its data cannot be copied. Therefore, car key fob and any other small appliances are best hidden in a faraday bag when not in use.

The average cost of a compact bag is 500-1000 rubles.

Rarely in the lists of automotive gadgets mention the tool for emergency evacuation. After all, many drivers do not plan to get into an accident. However, accidents everyone knows that accidents can happen without the fault of the driver. In the worst situations, there may be an immediate need to leave the vehicle quickly. This is where a similar device comes in handy. There are key rings on sale that combine a seat belt knife and a glass hammer.

A miniature device, including a hammer for an emergency exit and a knife for belts, costs from 500 rubles.

The level of air pressure in tires affects not only the handling of the car, but also the rate of wear of rubber, and the vehicle’s patency. A portable manometer will help you monitor this indicator. An important and extremely useful device for any motorist.

The device will show when the driver needs to pump up the wheels. Or vice versa: when they need to be lowered. And this, in turn, will reduce the risk of accidents and deterioration of controllability.

15 best car gadgets that will make any trip more comfortable and safer

A reliable pressure gauge can be purchased within 1000 rubles.
When traveling outside the city, far from settlements and busy highways, the car can always stall. That is life. And there probably won’t be anyone around to help. In such cases, the starter charger will be the best friend to help start the engine.

The average cost of a portable launcher and charger is 5,000 rubles.
Traveling with a large company is often a fun pastime. But where there are a lot of people, there is a lot of garbage. Snack crumbs scattered around the cabin annoy even the most patient drivers. A compact and handy car vacuum cleaner can quickly solve this problem. Extremely useful device does not take up much space in the cabin.
This is an extremely convenient gadget for those who constantly lose their car keys. The compact smart tag tile mate is attached to the keys like a keychain. The tracker works in conjunction with a special smartphone application and emits a sound when the search is activated. In addition, the application displays the last location of the item. Tile mate also allows you to find your phone by double-clicking on the button located on the device. Tile mate can be purchased from 2500 rubles. More budgetary and simple key rings – from three hundred rubles.
Do you want everything to be sorted out? The organizer is an extremely convenient solution for motorists whose trunks are randomly stuffed with various things.

Such a device usually has several compartments of different sizes. Most often, the partitions between them can be adjusted and removed to suit your needs. With this thing, things in the trunk and inside of the car will no longer accumulate and form a continuous pile of rubbish.

The average cost of a trunk organizer is 1000 rubles.
Passengers – especially children – can get bored on a long car train. An easy way to keep them entertained is a universal car headrest with a mount for various devices, from ipad to samsung tablets. The Velcro strap securely attaches to the headrest without obstructing the buttons or screen of the tablet, so as not to interfere with viewing.

A holder-case for a tablet can be found for only 300-500 rubles. More reliable devices with metal brackets – from 1000 rubles.
All motorists know that it is impossible to drive while intoxicated. But what if several hours or a whole night has passed since the drinking of alcohol? What if the person feels completely sober? After all, it is not a fact that the test of a traffic police officer will show that the driver who drank yesterday is completely sober.

For such cases, motorists should have insurance on hand in the form of a personal breathalyzer. This handy gadget will always show you if you can drive or if you should wait.

The cost of simple models – from 900 rubles. Models “with bells and whistles” (for example, a talking breathalyzer) – from 3,000 rubles to infinity.
A car radar detector, or “anitradar”, is a device that picks up police radar signals and alerts the driver about them. The device will come in handy not only for those who like to ride with the breeze – even responsible motorists will not be disturbed by a warning about surprises on the roads.

The average cost of a good radar detector with sensitivity adjustment and sound signal adjustment is from 4,000 to 8,000 rubles.

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