• Norton can be set up by downloading the software on your device.
  • If you haven’t already signed in, you can click on Create an Account option.
  • After filling out the information, it will ask for a product key.
  • The product key is given after you have purchased or downloaded the software onto your device.
  • After it is done, Norton helps you keep your device secured even if it is stolen, and wipe the personal information from your device.
  • With new updates and features, users can manage their subscriptions, or upgrade their protection.

Enter Norton Product Key

How to Setup Norton

Norton provides a payment based anti-virus software range that offers consumers with a number of specific methods of virus detection. Your computer can be secured from viruses by using Norton Antivirus to scan your device on a regular basis. Norton’s anti-virus software utilizes the description of viruses, unusual behaviour, emulation, and the sandbox approach to identify malware that might be inside the computer.

How to Setup Norton?

Norton Antivirus is available in three versions – Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, and Norton Security Premium. Norton Security Standard guards 1 device, Norton Security Deluxe guards almost 5 devices, and Norton Security Premium guards almost 10 devices for safety.


Norton Antivirus protects your devices from any malware threats, new viruses, by its advanced security. It identifies and locates the place of the virus and works on eliminating it. It also has an online network, which secures your information when it is transmitted or received through Wi-Fi, mobile networks, etc. It is accessible on Windows and IOS and helps to scan the computer of any viruses.

How Do Norton Antivirus works?


  • Description of Viruses

Norton Antivirus runs a scan on your device, it starts by comparing the hard disk, memory, boot sectors, as well as any removable drives that are being scanned against its downloaded database for virus description. The database includes binary code patterns and descriptions that are specific to any Norton recognized virus. After the Norton Antivirus scans the device and detects viruses matching something inside the database, then the virus would be flagged for quarantine or elimination. This approach only defends the computer against known malware.

  • Unusual Behaviour

The detection of unusual behavior doesn’t depend on descriptions of viruses. Rather, this approach focuses on active surveillance to search the programs of the computer to identify unusual behaviour. After using the unusual behaviour approach to detect viruses, you would have to approve or reject programs that attempt to operate on your device before Norton learns which programs are considered secured to use. This approach can defend the computer against unknown or new viruses.

  • Emulation Code

This is another technique used that allows Norton to emulate the first component of the code with every latest program you are attempting to run on your device. The technique looks for self-modified code that scans on your device for certain functional programs. The program won’t be executed to run when it is identified. This method can often restrict functionality of trusted programs. As it contributes to several false positives and might not enable the operation of programs.

  • The Sandbox

For an emulated operating system, Norton’s sandbox operates files that are executable, which won’t cause the operating system to become corrupted. When the program has stopped running, the sandbox would inspect the files that were executed for any modifications that could suggest a virus in the code. Whereas, in unusual behaviour technique, virus detection is done

Why You Need Norton Antivirus More Than Ever During The COVID-19

If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us then it is to stay safe from deadly viruses and take all necessary precautions. This applies to our computer’s security as well and taking necessary precautions to protect it.

Most of the work has shifted from offices to working remotely and this is why you need to make sure your computer is protected. This will reduce any hindrances you might expect during work and your work will be done hassle-free.

Did you know that many people are encountering phishing emails that are tricking people into thinking their company has changed policies during Coronavirus? Once those emails are opened, your computer is at risk for a virus.

With an increase in cybersecurity problems during the pandemic, you now need an antivirus more than ever.

What is Norton Antivirus?



For your computer to work optimally, you need to install an antivirus. This will block any potential threats and make sure your work and files are not getting affected.

Norton Antivirus is a software that protects your computer from:

  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Spyware

With such multi-layer protection, there will be nothing that threatens your computer such as phishing emails, scams, or suspicious links. It is the best security solution out there for every device and here are some benefits of this software that you can take advantage of during COVID-19.

Benefits of Norton Antivirus during COVID-19


Provides two-way firewall

What this means in simple terms is that your computer has both incoming traffic and outgoing traffic. What this two-way firewall then does is that it protects the computer from both of these traffics and prevents any harm that might come because of the traffic. With COVID-19 almost all universities and offices are moving towards a more digitalized way of working and we all know what hackers can do when our information in shared on online platforms. With everyone conducted their businesses online these day, it is very important to have that extra layer of protection. Norton Antivirus makes sure you have that protection. It is very effective tools that can offer two way firewall so you get you enjoy an optimum security experience.

Great for individuals and businesses

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a business or you are an individual because Norton Antivirus provides security for every kind of requirement!

This is why it is such a great program to have during this pandemic as it fulfils the requirements of everyone and perfect for people working remotely.

Reliable and effective

Norton Antivirus works very fast and is the most reliable service. Many people and businesses use it all over the world so they can prevent their devices against any malfunctioning.

Latest technology

They use the latest technology in their software to provide their users with the best experience. This is why this software is so reliable and fast.

Final words

Your devices have your most important data saved. This is why you need to protect it properly. During this quarantine period, you can’t afford to lose such data as everything is being done from your home through these devices.

Set up the Norton Antivirus to keep your computer and data safe so you don’t have to encounter any such hindrances. You will not regret it as it is the most reliable service that provides many layers of protection to your cyberspace. Protect it and encounter no problems during this pandemic as you will have one less problem to worry about with this service.

Ways Through Which Norton Antivirus Work


Norton Antivirus is anti-virus software which had been created by Symantec Corporation in 1991. It acts as a shield for the computer to offer it protection against several viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, by not letting them invade your computer and cause damage. Scanning of the computer is performed by Norton whenever the user visits several websites, goes through the installation process or downloading, or view electronic mails. While browsing the internet, if the user comes across any such websites which have a virus, the user is alerted instantly and the virus is then isolated. Also, it does not allow any unauthorized attempts by websites such as gaining access to confidential information of the individuals. The operating systems on which the Norton Antivirus can be operated are Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The Symantec Corporation ensures that the Norton Antivirus keeps on updating to makes sure that the upcoming viruses won’t provide harm to it. There are a few ways to detect viruses offered by Norton Antivirus which may save your system getting prone to several harms and threats.

Identifying Any Suspicions:

The detection of suspicious behavior is a method where the anti-virus keeps on checking your computer and detects if the programs are not harmful and safe enough to be used on the system. This helps the system to stay protected against any type of viruses that you are not aware of or have less information regarding them. After Norton monitors all the programs running on the computer, one may then use them.

Virus Definitions Method:

This method is effective and one of the most renowned ways of identifying viruses in your system, which is used by the Norton antivirus. The databases present in the antivirus, based upon the virus definitions are used to examine the computer entirely. Their purpose is then to make a comparison of the virus definitions with the hard drive, memory and boot sectors within the computer. The Norton antivirus works in a way that it already has the information related to binary codes which may apply to different viruses. This is a good way of detecting viruses and Norton then gives removal warning for the known viruses.

The Emulating Method:

Emulation is one of the most important methods used by the Norton antivirus for identifying viruses in the system. Norton works by reproducing the program’s initial code. This is done if the system involves any self-modifying codes in the running programs. If such codes have been detected in the programs, executable files or programs would not be operated on the system. This way of detecting viruses can be helpful in many cases, but it might be disallowing reliable programs to be operated on the system as well, which is a drawback of this method.

Sandbox Method:

This is a method used by Norton where each of the files is being examined when no other method seems significant or worthy enough of being used. A sandbox is needed to look through each of the executable files and checking them if any differences could be found in them. The emulated operating system is then required to operate such type of files to avoid any possible harms and risks to the operating system installed in the user’s system already,


Norton Antivirus is credible software as it has gained certification from the ICSA Labs. Also, the Virus Bulletin has given it a VB100 award. Such awards and certifications declare that the antivirus has gained verification from third parties as well. The Norton family is not only limited to the Antivirus, but there is a range of products available such as the Norton 360 Standard, Norton Secure VPN, Norton Security Manager, Norton Internet Security and a lot more.